The Prosperity Gospel


This actually isn’t about how if I repent of all my sins, then God will bless me abundantly materially. There’s no Joel Osteen reference here but I do like the sound of the word “prosperity”. After we were married in May, we did not receive a single paycheck for the first five months of our marriage. Surprisingly (or not so since our God is God after all), we had every need met. We had a roof over our heads, food, a dependable vehicle and through prudent and wise stewardship of what the Lord did bless us with, we survived. I look back at that season and wonder how on earth we pulled that off. There is no doubt about it that the Lord was indeed showing me my own foolishness for worrying so much. Matthew 6:25-34 means more to me than just God enabling me to purely survive. It is my “Prosperity Gospel” and the very promises that I now cling to, to understand the depths of God’s love and that prosperity to me, is simply seeing God’s providence.


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