The gas price to our nearby station just read $3.09 the other day. $3.09?! I’m in Texas where cost of living is one of the lowest in the United States and $3 for a gallon of gas is just purely criminal. The worst part is because we live in Texas, there is no alternative mode of transportation readily available and everything is at least 20 minutes away. Then there’s the recent mark up of normal groceries. Eggs are now in the $3 range! Not organic, cage free, healthy and full of animal rights eggs. Just plain, bad for you, caged eggs. I’m excited about the government’s stimulus package but when it finally gets into my hands, I cannot help but wonder if it’ll only help me buy 2 gallons of gas, a dozen eggs and maybe a week’s worth of electricity.

On a separate and completely unrelated note, I just got a phone call in the middle of me writing this, from a friend telling me that his roommate just got mugged outside of their home. Thankfully the criminals did not choose to shoot our friend but he did sustain a serious head injury. Please be careful when you’re out late and pray for my friend’s recovery and emotional state.


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