A few weeks ago, I was involved in a 6-week Beth Moore study on the Psalms of Ascent. It was fantastic and God used it to open doors in my journey with Him. At one of the concluding sessions, though, Beth spoke on an issue that struck a chord with me.

In this age of “quick” technology, we are more in-touch with more people than generations past. Through Facebook, text messages and email, it is possible to keep up with hundreds of people. In this abundance of instant relationships, though, where is the heart connection? It is possible to be in touch with everyone, and yet not be truly vulnerable or close with anyone.

In the stage of life that the Lord has Jason and me in, we are in touch with more people than ever before but it is often through short emails or, if we’re lucky, quick phone conversations. Yet my heart longs to sit and have deep conversations with these fellow-pilgrims and to share the goodness of our God and the struggles of pilgrimage (preferably over good coffee!). I look forward to Heaven, where somehow it will be possible to have perfect fellowship with each other and there will be plenty of time for story-swapping!


One response to “Disconnected

  • Jimmy

    Better late than never response.
    I agree whole-heartedly with you TJ.
    We can have tons of online “friends” but true friendship doesn’t really take root until we spend actual time offline with the person.
    Hopefully I can see the both of you sometime this summer!

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