Baby Factory

A few Sundays back, I had an interesting conversation with an older gentleman. We sat next to each other at a lunch given by my college Sunday-school teacher. For the most part, I enjoyed the conversation and was having a nice time. Then he told me that God created me to make babies. Actually, he might’ve said that God created me to be a mother, but his intentions were clear – I am a baby-making machine. As Jason and I have not yet tried, I reminded him that I may not even be able to have children!!! There are no guarantees.

Honestly, I was more than a little shocked (and I have to admit, the tiniest bit offended.) What has my life been up to this point – little more than dress rehearsal for the main event?? And what about women who feel the call of God to stay single? I do not resent my “role” as a woman, and I will heartily embrace children as the blessing they are if the Lord sees fit to give them to us, but I am rather convinced that is not my sole function on the earth. Otherwise, no one would stay single and every woman would be able to conceive.


2 responses to “Baby Factory

  • katie h

    i growl with you on this one! i have had some seriously horrifying conversations of a similar nature with old grandpas as i’ve been raising my support. typically, the painful trail begins with an exhortation to marry (and not do this whole single missionary stuff), and then progresses into the “women need some babies for ultimate fulfillment in life” bundle of fun.

    do these guys have no clue that they could be tugging at heartstrings? what if you’d been trying to get pregnant but couldn’t? would he want to be the one to try to stop the waterworks once he broke down the dam holding them back?

    growl times 100 for people who know God’s will for others’ lives better than God Himself. 😡

  • Jimmy

    It sounds like something I would mangle myself in conversation. I’m sure he meant well.
    I’ve read and thought a bit on this issue as well. Even though as Christians we are to have a high view of marriage, we ultimately fail to reflect that in our own people group. Just what is the purpose of marriage? Isn’t it to reflect the mystery of Christ & his bride (the Church)? Who makes up the Church? Is it merely isolated invididuals or a community of people? The family is a fundamental building block of not just society but of the Church. In our Western-individualistic, career/success driven society, motherhood has been denigrated by third wave feminism. Does God call men & women to lifelong celibacy for his service? Absolutely. Does that mean a great majority of perpetual singles? I’d submit that too many young men & women claim to be “called” to singleness when Scripture seems to indicate that such people are set apart for service for God’s Kingdom and a significant majority of these singles’ lives don’t bear that out. Some may serve for a certain time period but then what? Our sexual & emotional urges/desires point to something – something God-given & therefore good. If not marriage & parenthood, what could it be? I would encourage you to re-examine what the Bible has to say about our roles & how in a fallen world how we are to live those roles out.

    Sorry for this mishmash of abbreviated commentary but just thought I’d toss in my $0.02.

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