Best Buys

To make a purchase of $75 or more, it requires me at least 4 days of research, 100 user feedback reviews and another 7 days of mulling the decision over before I feel comfortable with it. I’m not really sure what it is, but I suppose I just don’t like the idea of making a bad financial and regrettable decision. But over the past few years, I’ve been able to say “Wow, that was a great purchase” with good frequency. Here are my top buys of the recent past (in no particular order):

10. Golf Umbrella – $10. Size was a big issue for me but when I decided I’d rather be dry instead, it was a non-issue. I keep it in my car at all times, just in case for a rainy day. (Pun absolutely intended.)

9. Discover Card – Free. Not necessarily a purchase but it has led me to make many other purchases at a severely discounted price thanks to its generous cash-back bonus. Everything we purchase is done with cash anyway, so we avoid their high interest rates.

8. Therapedic Memory Foam Mattress Pad – $150. Here’s the kicker. This was originally $349.99 plus tax. I got a $100 gift card from, plus $75 in BB&B gift cards because of the cash back bonus from Discover, then slap on that 20% coupon that’s in your mail every other day from the, and that’s over $200 off. Considering I only spent $50 for our King sized mattress, and that we spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping on our bed, I felt it was a worthwhile investment to sleep on a heavenly cloud.

7. Brita Water Filter – $30. After reading an article that tap water contains a small percentage of fecal matter, I wasted no time getting this bad boy. Not only does it produce better tasting water but I can also store it in the fridge for an icy refreshment at a later time.

6. Silicone Ice cube trays – $5. I absolutely hate the generic ice cube shapes that come out of my ice maker, plus the ice it produces tastes like… well you know. So for a few bucks, I’ll gladly make my own Brita filtered ice cubes. Plus these things are really cubes. After popping one in a coke, it took almost 20 minutes for the cube to melt completely.

5. Over the Door Shoe Rack – $10. Shoe storage is always tricky, especially when you have multiple pairs. For $10, we’re able to hang a shoe rack over our door and store 30 pairs of shoes.

4. ESPN the Magazine – $???. A gift from my wife. Not only do I get some interesting sports articles from it, a subscription also gives me access to’s Insider pages. Booyah!

3. Tempur-Pedic Pillow – $???. Gift from my Mom. I’ve struggled with neck pain because of my poor posture while I sleep. Thanks to the extra support on my neck from this pillow, all the pain is gone. I cannot sleep without it. I feel like a little girl, carrying it everywhere I go when I travel but the temporary shaming and name calling is totally worth it.

2. Sprint SERO Phone Plan – $30. 500 minutes. Free Data. Free Text. Nights and Weekends start at 7pm. After taxes, my phone bill is $37. I’m not a fan of the American phone system where we pay a monthly rate, but for thirty some dollars for all that, I’m fine with it. I’m also suffering from PVD (Post Verizon Depression) after they fraudulently charged me $175 and I’m having to wait 8-10 weeks for them to sort the mess out.

1. Paper Shredder – $25. I distinctly remember it was not a few years ago when the only people with shredders were big business corporations and the ultra-paranoid. Now that identity theft is a major issue and my bank loves putting credit card applications and my other banking info in my mailbox, a shredder has become a necessity. Plus it’s cool to shred stuff.


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