ESPN – The New China?

I recently renewed my subscription to ESPN the Magazine and as part of their promo, you get a new, sleek and sexy mp3 player. I’ve seen the commercial ads for this on TV before and kind of chuckled at it. Here is why:

As part of our first date, I bought TJ an mp3 player while we were in China. As you can see, the ESPN “sleek and sexy” mp3 player is practically an identical replica of the already Chinese knock-off. The biggest surprise here is that the one that actually feels extremely fake is ESPNs. There is no display screen and it weighs even less than the Chinese knock-off, making it feel more like a toy than an actual electronic device.

I’m not trying to bash ESPN for knocking off an mp3 player design. Everyone does it. It’s nothing new. But if you’re going to cheat off someone’s paper,  do it right and go with the smartest kid in the class.


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