Cush Jobs

There are a few jobs out there that I would love to have one day:

  1. Weather reporter – Name another job where you can be wrong 75% of the time and still get to keep it.
  2. Movie writer/director – Somebody got paid for giving Gary Busey this line “Your worst nightmare, Butt-horn!” (Language warning); and for directing this acting masterpiece.
  3. Curator – TJ and I recently paid $40 to go into a museum. Naturally we were in awe of the classics such as Starry Night.

But I found myself dumbfounded and confused when this was part of the collection:

I suppose the lessons here are:

  • Never pay to go into a museum.
  • Save all your children’s artwork from kindergarten. One day it might be worth $250,000 to someone or you can sucker people like us to pay $40 just to see it.

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