Dazed & Confused

This past weekend, TJ and I had an opportunity to speak to some graduating high school Seniors. Our hope was to better equip them for the years ahead of college life. I was given a chance to try to give the kids some helpful tips on how to manage their time, not to procrastinate their work and to sleep regularly. Figuring that this generation of kids have the average attention span of 20 seconds, I tried being witty and relevant with my story telling and presentation to keep them from discreetly putting in their iPod earphones. I made multiple references to American Idol (which I do not watch), to playing Xbox (which I do not have), and the usage of Facebook (which I only have for my job).

All in all, I think I did a decent job relaying some Godly perspective to them. However I did realize afterwards that some of my analogies did not stick with them. I used a story of a treasure in a field (salvation), the owner of the field (God) and an interested customer (us). As I told of the story and how the treasure in the field would cost the consumer everything he possibly had (money, home, family, job), that’s when I realized I was speaking Yiddish to them. They thought the owner was completely unreasonable to demand so much and that the customer was foolish for giving up everything for the treasure.

At the end of the day, one of them sought me out on Facebook, thereby boosting my self-esteem and ego and also confirming what my mother has been saying to me all along, “I’m still cool”.


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3 responses to “Dazed & Confused

  • Clew

    hahaha going along with Xbox references [don’t worry, I don’t play much either], you could say that the Enemy is like a player who camps near the respawn point, so that every time you get knocked down by life, Satanthatdouchebag is waiting right there to pwn you again…unless you have a teammate who can bust a move on that dirty camper, and that teammate is Jesus!

    “…to keep them from discreetly putting in their iPod earphones.” Hm oh snap. That was me all through high school! =/

    Props for trekking through the apathy wilderness man. Even though your heretofore “no comments yet” doesn’t truly reflect your cool status…

  • Jimmy

    Fascinating isn’t it trying to communicate Truth to a Post-Christian, Post-Modern mindset? Really hard work but keep your hand to the plow, I’m sure the LORD will use the both of you in mighty ways.

  • lei

    haha can i just say that i love this site? but i read the first few and assumed that jason was the one that updated. so then i got to the one about the older man at church, who told the author (assumedly jason) that he was created to be a babymaker. and i laughed out loud. then i realized that tj wrote that post, and it was not as funny.

    i miss and love y’all!!! 🙂

    p.s. i leave for 2 months in beijing next friday and i am so excited! but i am sad that i won’t be enjoying china with y’all.. i miss my walks on the unlit track with teej, or just the fun meals we shared and good talks. 🙂

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