Stepford Wife

I recently read a very interesting article on It was entitled, “Why Do Women Need to Be Perfect?” Since I’ve been recently paying around $2 a minute to talk through some of my perfectionist tendencies with my counselor, it was timely indeed. One woman confessed that every time she opened a drawer and caught a glimpse of clutter, she felt like “a miserable failure.” This was a smart and successful woman, and she was literally brought to a panic attack over a messy drawer!

I wish I couldn’t relate, but whenever I see Jason clean something around the apartment, I can’t even rejoice over what an excellent and amazing man I married. Instead, I immediately feel like a total failure, wondering why I hadn’t already cleaned that spot! Unfortunately, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my own personal issues with perfectionism. I rarely ask Jason to see a chick flick with me, because then I won’t be the “perfect” wife who always wants to watch action movies and never drags her husband to see 27 Dresses. While that works out somewhat well for my husband (at least in the short-term), it also robs him of the chance to love me as I truly am – a woman who wants to see a silly romantic comedy every once-in-a-while, and who might need a little help in keeping the house immaculate.


One response to “Stepford Wife

  • Roshan

    Pretty insightful TJ, thanks for sharing. Though I am not married, my lack of handyman skills is certainly something that concerns me in a possible future marriage. I think I would feel somewhat inadequate if my spouse was like, “Honey, could you hand me the reverse torque driver?” and I responded with a blank stare. 🙂

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