“…will reap with songs of joy.” Psalm 126:5

Two nights ago I was thinking about a young woman in my life who has experienced many hurts.  Some of these hurts bear a resemblance to my own story.  I thought about a future experience that God may use to bring great healing into her life.  As I thought about the healing work that the Lord desires to do in all of our lives, I remembered that Jason’s name means “healer”. 

I love that God often chooses to speak during seemingly random or commonplace times.  I was in the car with my in-laws when this girl came into my mind and I began to think of how God might choose to use Jason and me to be vessels of healing.  I remembered my own name, which is a derivative of Theresa, meaning “reaper”.  As in, a harvest.  I asked God to make that true of me when I went overseas a few years ago, and I have asked Him to make it true of my life.

A vision of what we want our home and our ministry to be came instantly in the revelation of these two names: a harvest of healing.  We pray that God will use us as instruments of His divine healing in the lives of all those we come across.  What Satan desires to steal, kill and destroy we know that Yeshua came to heal, restore and redeem.  We pray desperately that, as the Lord walks Jason and me down His road of redemption, the hearts of others will also be healed and softened toward their Maker.


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