Live Free or Die Chained

As a welcoming party of sorts for my entrance into the adult world, the economy has taken a disastrous turn this past calendar year. My bank has reported several quarters of losses piling up to millions of dollars. My 403(b) is taking an absolute beating and AIG, the world’s largest insurance provider, needed a government bailout two weeks after I purchased a life insurance policy from them. This has been a glorious learning experience and a good heart check for me. Where am I placing my hope and confidence?

Since getting married, I feel a huge responsibility for making sure TJ and whatever children we might have, have all their physical needs met. We aggressively saved to have an emergency savings funds should anything disastrous happen. I took out an additional life insurance policy to ensure that if anything would happen to me, my family would at least be financially set.

While I believe that I didn’t do anything that was dishonoring to the Lord, I realize that my heart’s contentment and security was tied in the dollar amount of my accounts. Money and finances are definitely important to the Lord, but I have to be reminded daily that whatever money I do have, was never mine in the first place. And even with the backing of FDIC insured accounts and government bailouts, there is still the possibility that our government will completely cease to exist and then what? In who or what am I trusting my future to?


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