Please, Lord (NSD)


I have the amazing privilege of serving the Lord in vocational ministry. It is my belief that, from scripture, we are all ministers of the gospel. In fact, we are all full-time ministers of the gospel. Every moment of the day, our lives are a living example to those around us. However, I have the unique position of doing this for a vocation. It seriously rocks.

I don’t deserve to be a servant of Yeshua the Messiah. I am in awe that he chose me, though I have nothing to offer him. I know, though, that he equips me for every good purpose that he has planned for me. “Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God.” This year, I am trusting God to do amazing things on the university campus. I am asking him to use me in his good work.

There are thousands of students who need to know about the Messiah’s love for them and who are struggling to find life and meaning. It is my hope and vision that students who already believe would catch the vision to reach out to the thousands around them and that unbelieving students would hear about how to have a relationship with the Lord.

More personally, I have a great heart to help students understand who they are as men and women and to relate to the other gender intentionally and appropriately. I am asking God to use Jason and me to help raise up Asian-American men who lead and women who understand their value and worth. I am also praying that I will be able to use what God has been teaching me to help students value the Word and to seek the true meaning of the Scriptures.


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