Getting Our Swell On

Pull Up

Back in 2007, TJ and I had a wonderful opportunity visiting a lovely family in their home. Right on cue, when the children realized that we were more than just Mommy and Daddy’s friends but theirs as well, I was given the ultimate tour of the boys’ room. I suppose that in elementary, having your own room decked out in baseball merchandise is equivalent to a 16 year-old’s first car: it is awesome and everyone must see it. I couldn’t help but notice a pull up bar hanging from their door frame. “Surely, it’s not for them.” After inquiring about it, I was soon informed that all the men in the family have annual goals to do several thousand pull ups each. I believe the youngest son (eight) was gunning for 4,000, the middle son (9-10) – 6,000, the oldest son (12-13) – 8,000 and the father had 20,000 to knock out.

TJ and I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but we thought it would be fun to see how many we could do ourselves. Physical fitness has been a very integral part of our lives but we’ve never had any definitive goals for ourselves other than keeping in shape. So before Christmas, we picked up a pull up bar and set aside some goals for the 2009 calendar year. I’m going to go for 10,000 and TJ’s aiming for 2,500. Sadly because of travels, today is only our second day in Austin where we have access to a pull up bar. So there is plenty of catching up to do on our part but we look forward to tracking and sharing our progress with everyone.


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