Caught Out in the Rain

Rainy Day

After TJ and I were married, we both had an agreement that an emergency fund of 3-6 months living expenses would be our first financial task. Thankfully we were able to build that rather quickly and have never needed to touch it. But in light of today’s economic climate, I’m beginning to wonder if that fund will need to be touched soon. While technically, our jobs with Crusade are pretty recession proof (meaning we won’t be laid-off), our financial partners do not have that luxury. I am grateful that even in the event that everyone of our supporters had to stop giving, we’d be able to get through several months just fine. While the thought of needing our emergency fund isn’t appealing, knowing that it’s there does bring some peace of mind. I hope and pray that everyone who is enduring the prospect of being laid-off has an emergency fund to weather this storm…

Pull-Up Update: Day 45 – 420 Pull-Ups

I’m thinking of adding a squats goal as well to my pull-up goal. Anybody out there wanting to dare me to do some insane number?


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