Holy Spirit (NSD)


“Walking in the power of the Holy Spirit” is something that we in Crusade talk about a lot. When I first began to do this full-time ministry thing a few years ago, I believed that I would some day get beyond this message. When one of the first talks we received on STINT was on “Walking in the Spirit”, I even got a little irritated. “I mean… come on? Do they think we’ve never been to a Crusade meeting in our lives??” Not surprisingly, it was one of the most powerful talks I heard during my time overseas.  🙂

The truth is, I’ll never get past needing to hear this truth. Walking in the power of the Holy Spirit is everything in the Christian life. I’ve done it on my own enough to realize that I’ll never do anything with the right motivations unless I am doing it in the power of God’s Spirit living inside of me. It’s even the Holy Spirit that gives me the desire to grow more like Yeshua. Without it… I’m toast.

This hit me in a special way during my first week on campus. My teammate Sarah and I were going out to share Soularium on campus and, as we were looking for someone to approach, I was so fearful and anxious! Suddenly, though, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and I realized, “Hey, I have the very same spirit and power in me that raised Yeshua from the grave! (Romans 8:11) Of course He is going to empower me to share His truth with others. Of course He is going to lead the way and go with me. I am so foolish to be afraid!” If that day of my life were a football game, this moment would definitely have been Pontiac’s “game-changing performance.” Everything about my attitude was changed after that quiet realization, and Sarah and I approached 2 girls with confidence and had a great conversation with them about the Lord through Soularium.

*If you haven’t done so already, check out: austinesm.wordpress.com  This is our team’s blog.  Though it has not been updated regularly, we now have a team schedule which ensures at least 1 post a week.  So… if you don’t see 1 post a week starting next week, let us know so that the appropriate people can be harshly disciplined.  Mwuah hahahaha!


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