Successful Witnessing (NSD)


This past week, Jason and I were in Dallas for DFW Launch Week, where around 30 staff from our region gathered with the purpose of launching new Crusade movements all over the DFW area. There are about 60 campuses in the area and about 250,000 students! Honestly, the week was exhausting. We were on campus all day, gathering information about the students and campus, developing new contacts and then challenging leaders. Even though it was so tiring, it was a great week for me.

At SMU, God opened doors for me to be able to talk with 4 students who were interested in starting and leading a new Epic Movement on their campus. Talking to those students and hearing their stories was the highlight of my week! I was able to explain to them what Epic was, why it existed and how they could be involved in starting it.

I met with one student who had come to the Epic Conference we put on a couple of weeks ago. It was great to talk to him and he seemed to really understand the vision of reaching every student and seemed like he was excited to get involved. After challenging him to pray about beginning an Epic Movement as SMU, we went out to use Soularium and try to share the gospel. Soularium is a series of 50 pictures that we use as a survey on campus to get into spiritual conversations. He and I approached a guy who was sitting alone in the cafeteria and was happy to talk to us. After he completed the survey, I asked him if anyone had ever shared with him a concise, easy to understand version of what Christians believe. He said no and I asked if we could share a booklet with him called, “Knowing God Personally.” (It’s the Four Laws booklet.) We read through it together and, though he seemed to understand the concepts, he was not ready to make Yeshua his Savior. He said that he believed in a “great force” but could not yet accept the truth of the Gospel.

Even though the stranger did not accept God’s salvation that day, it was a great experience for both the student and me. The student was able to see how easy it is to share our faith in a way that presents the truth clearly without putting up further barriers to the Gospel. He walked away knowing that successful witnessing is simply taking the initiative to share the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God. I even gave him a copy of Soularium so that he could go and share with others!

Oh yeah… my pull-up count: 110.  I know.  I’m a big slacker.  Now that we are not planning to travel again for a while, I’m going to try to get my numbers higher.  At least I can do more than 2 at a time now.  That helps  😉


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