Day with Dad


I have the best job in the world. Last week, Jason and I had the opportunity to take a “Day with the Lord”. In CCC, we aim to do this once a month. In fact, it’s part of our “job”. It’s amazing.

My Day with the Lord was fantastic, but they are not always. I think anyone who has walked with God for a while knows that some days are drier than others. Sometimes the revelations come, truth is spoken and is a delight and worship flows freely. Other days… not so much. But Sunday, I asked my community group that my day with Him would be one of the good ones because, honestly, I needed it. I needed to hear His voice and to commune with Him in a refreshing way.

Praise Him, He answered my prayers! During the course of the day, I was convicted over sin and had the opportunity to pray and confess and really grieve in a way that I hadn’t yet done. Though that was hard, it was also life-giving. The rest of the day, I was able to just reflect on who God is and His goodness, and celebrate my life in Him!

*Funny side-story:  in East Asia, we called God “Dad” for security reasons, so we would talk about taking a Day with Dad.  Recently, I was chatting with a friend online who also went to EA, and I told her: “today was dia con papa”.  She asked, “day with potato?”  Then she realized what I meant, and we both had a good laugh imagining a day with a potato…  probably not quite as exciting as my day with Dad.



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