Futbol Blues

It’s been a very disheartening month physically for me personally. After having our soccer team play its best game without our best player on the field (4-0 win), I was on a high and full of confidence. I was ready to enter the off-season with much resolve and determination to get into better shape and improve my technical skill but then my trusty old body decided to pull me back down with the rest of the world. I incurred several injuries to my foot, a sprained ankle and hamstring tendinitis all at the same time, rendering me comlpetely immobile. I can’t even get out of bed without feeling some form of pain shooting through a portion of my left leg.

The only treatment option for me is simply rest, which I absolutely love hate. In years past, whenever I was sick, my response was to simply exercise it away by working out. I despise anything keeping me from doing what I want to do and therefore I will ignore it and will myself to overcome the ailment. It’s basically just a power struggle and in my youth, I was able to get away with it. Now that my body is falling apart at age 27, I’ve come to realize my own mortality and I cannot get away with ignoring ailments and pains.

To add insult to injury, Manchester United (my team of choice), was handed an absolutely crushing defeat in the Champions League final by Barcelona a few weeks back. I still think about how magical Iniesta and Messi were on the field against a solid defensive unit.  If I were just a soccer fan without a vested interest for a team, I would’ve been able to appreciate their masterful domination over the defending champions. But watching United end their season in that fashion was too much to stomach.

And of course, this morning’s news is that Cristiano Ronaldo is being sold to Real Madrid for a ghastly sum of $131.6 million. As much as I hate Ronaldo’s whining and diving on the pitch, it’s hard to lose his world-class talent. Yes, $131.6 million can buy several really good players, but it’s hard to imagine any of them be anywhere near as menacing as Ronaldo could be.

August can’t come soon enough.


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