Taking the Trash Out

I was reminiscing some of my favorite moments when I lived in East Asia; the food, kid pooping in the bank lobby, friends etc. One in particular came to mind and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh. Near my apartment complex was this neighborhood that we liked to refer to as “Old Town”. As you can guess, it was old and very run down (we were not the most creative bunch). Every time we would ride our bikes down there, we would always have to navigate our way through this 7 foot high pile of trash just sitting in the middle of the road. It was eerily similar to the episode of the Simpsons where “The Who” were guests.

East Asia is well known for its pollution but a 7 foot high wall of garbage was a bit excessive. So my friend decided to ask the locals why they didn’t bring out some dumpsters to at least contain the crazy. Their response? “Dumpsters?! That would make our town look awful! We can’t have dumpters all over our town!” I miss their logic sometimes.


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