Let’s Get Physical

As part of their new “Wellness Program”, our health care provider is offering cash incentives for Crusade Staff to get into better shape. Right now they are offering 50% rebate off our gym membership if we go three times a week, three weeks a month until the end of the year. They’re also offering $5 for every pound lost between now and December 31st, which is pretty enticing. From a fiscal perspective, I gather that if we got healthier we would cost our provider less in the long run, so they can offer these incentives for the time being.

This is basically a win/win situation for me. I already go to the gym three times a week, so it’s not like I’m going to be making any big sacrifices there. The kicker is the $5 for every pound. I’ve already lost 16lbs in the last 11 months and I don’t think I can should lose much more. But, I do intend to do more running this Fall just for better overall fitness and better stamina on the pitch. So if I happen to lose a pound or two by accident, I win!

Speaking of soccer, this was an interesting off-season for Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson decided to shock the crap out of the soccer world by signing Michael Owen on a free transfer. Michael Owen was once a terror in the box and just a pure goal scoring machine for Liverpool. His career has been derailed for the past four years due to injuries. He no longer has the pace he once possessed, but his instincts around the goal are second to none.  The shocker is that he once played for Liverpool, one of United’s long bitter rivals. Honestly, if he bagged 20 goals this season (which he can do), nobody would care where he once played.

For me though, the biggest shocker is the new kit United unveiled a few weeks ago. Without being rude, the new kit looks atrocious. I was actually pretty close to buying a jersey but after the rolled out this nonsense, I think I’ll wait until next year’s. When United unveiled their away kit, it dawned on me where they got their inspiration:



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One response to “Let’s Get Physical

  • JT

    Is it a pound from now? Sit around and eat cheesecake and steak for a week, then report your weight!

    I wonder just how much the law of unintended consequences will apply here… something like that should be on The Office… oh, wait.

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