Oil is Dumb

It is without a doubt that going green is ridiculously trendy and the hip thing to do. When this whole campaign started a few years ago, many companies talked about the positive environmental impact we would have just by doing a few things differently in our life. Not many people grabbed onto it because it was more of an inconvenience to change lifestyle habits and there wasn’t much of a kick back. (Yes, the earth could possibly be in a healthier position, but I’m not going to be alive to reap the benefits.) In the last 12 months, more and more people have latched onto the green initiative because there are now fiscal rewards for our efforts.

So for those who are driven by a little cash, here’s a website that will pay you for just doing things that you’ve wanted to do in the first place. www.oilisdumb.com does just that. Every month there is a challenge to make a small lifestyle adjustment and they will pay you $5 for completing the challenge. It’s a huge win/win situation for us as a family, so TJ and I participate every month.

So what kind of changes are we talking about? Well in April, you just had to visit http://www.yellowpagesgoesgreen.org/ and cancel  the delivery of Yellow Pages books at our house. I can’t honestly remember when the last time I actually flipped open one of those things to find something. They are a major pain to have and keep around the house, so I was more than excited to not only get rid of those things but also get paid to do so. For this month (August), Oil is Dumb is giving $5 if you raise your thermostat by just one degree. Just to save more money, we raised ours by two degrees. =)

Anyways, if you’d like to be paid to live a little greener, check out their website and give it a go. Even if you don’t get paid the $5 because you missed the cut off, you’re still doing the environment and yourself some good.


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