My Talented Friends


Whenever I tell someone that I have no talents, I get a predictable reaction.  They, probably thinking my comment is a ploy to get compliments, tell me that surely I have one… and then they try to think of it.  This generally ends with them seeing my point.

Sure, I’m good at stuff.  But these are things I’d generally call “skills” and, up to this point anyway, they are not very marketable.  I mean, yeah, I can stand on my head for a long time but last I checked, no one’s handing out paychecks for that.

Many of my friends, however, have amazing skills and talents that earn them a living or, in some cases, cool cash on the side.  These people are blessed, and I’m completely envious ecstatic to know them!

You might someday need their services, or you might just need a little cup of inspiration for the day.  In either case, check these out:

Medea, who rocks the graphic design world.

Randy does, also.  And he’s pretty funny, too.

My college friend Lynn, who had the most amazing wedding I’ve ever viewed in a magazine.  Yup, a magazine.

Calligraphy master, Amy.

Natasha, my sister in law, is good at too many things to count.  But she currently makes money off of this talent.

Cake baker/decorator, card maker, revolution starter: Susana.

Friend of Jason’s — Jason. This joker started doing wedding photography 2 months after we got married.  Yeah, thanks for that.

There are literally dozens more people I know who don’t market their gifts, but who can help me feel worthless at a moment’s notice anyway!  Hehe.  Talented peeps, thanks for being my friends!


One response to “My Talented Friends

  • Lynn

    You are so sweet TJ, thanks for the shout out!
    🙂 girl, you have the gift of being genuine and relating to women. And!! you have to gift of making the BEST funny faces! I’ve spent years trying to replicate some of them, only in vain! haha 🙂

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