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Last year, my friend and then-teammate Amber Lo introduced me to the world of couponing.  I had heard of them before – elusive little pieces of paper that were rumored to save you money – but I hadn’t had much experience using them.  I asked her to show me her couponing, menu-planning system because, up until that point, I had no system at all.  Grocery shopping happened pretty randomly and there ended up being a lot of really small trips that could’ve been avoided with more careful planning.

The menu-planning side of that lesson has only halfway kicked in.  When Jason and I are out of town, as we have been frequently, I basically throw open the window and shove the planning process right out of there.  Hey, I’m working on it…

BUT, the couponing has ignited in me a fairly intense desire to pay as little $ as possible for things.  It’s fun!  And helpful, when you’re trying to be good stewards of what you do have.  So, I am super grateful to Amber for introducing me to my new BFF, moneysavingmom.  She lives at www.moneysavingmom.com and I love her.  There are many couponing sites out there, but I like hers best so far.  When it comes to the weekly deals, I feel like she makes it the easiest for my tired (and sometimes lazy!) brain to be able to get the best deals for the least amount of effort and research on my part.  She basically does it all for you.  CHA-CHING!

I am not attempting to start a new coupon site, so I will not explain everything here, but due to the positive response to our previous deal-postings, I wanted to tell you about my trip to Walgreens yesterday.  Basically, if you want to know how to save $ at Walgreens, read this so it makes sense.

Maximizing the products purchased and minimizing the money spent is something that takes a bit of planning because generally with these things, you have to do multiple transactions.  Yesterday I was running around like crazy getting ready for our evening plans, so I totally froze at the checkout line when things didn’t go according to my plan, and paid for it in the end.  All-in-all, though, I didn’t do too badly.

First, I bought Theraflu.

(Sidenote: we usually buy this stuff the day one of us needs it, which is a good way to go if you want to do the exact opposite of saving $.)

I used this $2.00 coupon making my purchase $2.99.

I then received a $3 register reward (RR).

2nd transaction, I grabbed 5lbs of Domino sugar using a Walgreens ad coupon that made it $2.49. I also used a .35 coupon, bringing the price down to $2.14.

I bought 2 Velveeta Shells and Cheese cups, using a B1G1 coupon that I got online, but can also be found in the 8/9 SmartSource insert.  Using the Walgreens coupon, I got these for .89 but my B1G1 coupon still took off $1.29 since that was the original price.  Ha!  And, this produced a $1 RR making this a money-maker.

Last, I bought 16ct of Carefree liners on sale for $1.99.  I used this $1 off coupon, and then received a $1.99 RR from that.

My total came out to just over $3 for these purchases, but then I used the $3 RR I received on the last transaction, bringing my out-of-pocket expense to a mere .62!  BOO-YAH!

3rd transaction got messed up a little but, but I bought 2 Scunci products, normally priced at $2.99.  I used the Walgreens ad coupon to get these for .99 each.

I bought another of the Carefree liners, using another $1 off coupon, and then received another $1.99 RR.

I tried to use both of the RR I got previously, but I was only able to use 1, so my total was $1.05.  Boo for paying more than $1… but I’ll get better.

Last, I used my $1.99 RR to buy 3 cans of Starkist Tuna.  I used the Walgreens ad coupon, making them .69 each.  So, I only paid a few cents in this last transaction, and I have a $1 RR to use for next time.

I lost my final tuna receipt, but for the others I ended up paying $4.66 and saving $21.44.  People who read these crazy coupon blogs know that this isn’t the best deal ever, but I’m a mere beginner  🙂

There are a couple more Walgreens deals out there that I’ll try to get this week, but I didn’t have access to a printer today, so I couldn’t get all the coupons I needed.

I HIGHLY recommend you check out the Target deals listed here.  Target is great because you can always use 1 of their coupons combined with a manufacturer’s coupon, making for some super-sweet deals and loads of freebies.  I’m gonna go this week, so let me know if you want to come!


6 responses to “Walgreens Savings

  • Doug

    We’ve been couponing for a couple of years now. We do pretty well but have not reached the fanatic level yet. I was recently at Wal Mart price matching some Mountain Dew (feeling pretty good about myself). I struck up a conversation with the lady in front of me because I noticed she had her coupon binder and price matches. She gave me some info on a similar coupon website/blog. She purchased some dog collars Wal Mart had on sale for $.97 and there were $3 coupons in the paper. This lady was paid $6 by Wal Mart to buy collars for her non existent dogs. That will help out the grocery budget. Happy couponing.

  • Carita

    When are you going to Target? I just might want to see how you “rob” them since I’m always going to Target. I absolutely love that store!

  • Amber

    Yay! I’m glad that you are enjoying couponing and that you are snagging some great and free deals! Good work! 🙂

  • Jan Wilson

    Have you checked out Savingwithshellie.com? She’s local and writes about Randalls deals too!

  • Stephanie N.

    TJ, once again: You rock! Thanks so much for sharing the wealth! I’ve gotten free bananas, cheerios, and artisan bread at Target twice now. 🙂

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