What Can $10 Buy?


Almost a year ago, I received a $10 Target gift card for my birthday. (Sure, you can take that as a “subtle” hint that my birthday’s coming up…) The fun thing is, I completely forgot about it until just a couple of weeks ago when I found it in a purse I hadn’t used in a while. After expressing my absolute delight at what feels like “free money”, I immediately started planning what I should do with it. “Well, I need ____. Oh, but that’s not fun. I should get something fun!” For the past two weeks, I’ve been debating with myself over what I could buy that would be “fun” enough to justify spending my free money.

Yesterday, I was hit with a better idea. In truth, anything I consider fun enough will definitely be more than $10, and I’ll just probably end up buying something I don’t really need and even spending more on it!   So, I decided that it would be even MORE fun to see just how far I can stretch this $10 gift card.  If you’ve been keeping up with the Poon blog, you’ve noticed that we’ve got a bit of a crush on free/cheap stuff.  As I mentioned last week, there are tons of good deals to be had at Target, so it could be fun to see just how far I can spin this thing.  Check back for the progress!


But wait, there’s more!  I’m actually starting TODAY!  Yup, I planned out a little shopping trip today and want to tell you about the results.

I bought:

5 boxes of Fiber One cereal

4 packages of Bic pens

1 Healthy Choice frozen dinner

I used:

5 Target coupons for $1 off General Mills cereal

5 printable Fiber One coupons for $75 cents off

2 Target coupons for $1/2 Bic products

2 newspaper coupons for $1/2 Bic products (8/9 SmartSource insert)

1 printable coupon for $2 off Healthy Choice frozen meals

I spent:

$3.77 of my original gift card

I received:

NEW $5 Target Gift Card, from the current Fiber One promotion.

When you buy 5 Fiber One products, Target will give you a $5 gift card.  The cereals are on sale for $2.50 each, so I grabbed 5 and used the above-mentioned coupons: 5 $ 1 Target coupons stacked with 5 manufacturer coupons for 75cts, making each box only 75cts each!

2 bags of pens were priced at $1.00, and 2 were $.99.  I bought 4 and used 2 Target coupons stacked with 2 manufacturer coupons, making these free.

The Healthy Choice meal was priced at $2.04, making it just 4cts after my $2.00 coupon!

So… I actually made a profit of $1.23!!  I walked in with $10 on a Target gift card, and walked out with $11.23 on my gift cards.  I’d say I’m off to a great start!


3 responses to “What Can $10 Buy?

  • Carita

    So fun!!! Can’t wait to see the progression. 🙂

  • Jenny

    all i can say is you are AMAZING!! can you rub off on me?

    • TJ Poon

      Thanks, Jenny! I wish I could take credit for my shopping successes, but all I’ve done is be willing to commit some time and read a few blogs from people who are much, much better at this. The woman from whom I snag most of these ideas feeds her family of 5 on $35/wk, which includes household products and toiletries. I mean… what?!? I’m not nearly to that level of thriftiness yet…

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