Repetition to Perfection

Somebody asked me why I spent so much time reading finance blogs, listening to finance talks and even studying the market for a few minutes a day. I told this person that I wanted to be an available resource to help others understand finances at some point in my life and exposing myself to the financial world daily would better prepare me. I even shared the following story to help illustrate my point.

Last year I coached a boys soccer team for the first time. I quickly learned that I love teaching and coaching others in all arenas, especially young children as they are still most impressionable. Half way through the season, I found a dribbling drill that would serve me well for warm-ups but would also vastly improve their dribbling skills. So I dedicated a significant portion of my practice to this drill and ran it every practice.

The drill itself is very simple. I just set up four cones to make a square. I put a player with a ball at his feet on each side of the square and had them dribble to the other side and back while avoiding the other boys. Once they got to the other side, I taught them a simple change of direction move (the pull back) and had them do it over and over and over again. I added some games to the drill to give it some variety, but the basic principle was that I wanted them to dribble in traffic as much as possible and do the pull back as often as possible.

Naturally towards the end of the season, some of the boys were tiring of this drill and wanted me to teach them something else. The funny thing, though, is that because they had to dribble the ball so much during practice, their increased skill level was showing during the games. Rather than blasting the ball aimlessly when they got into a crowd, they carefully dribbled their way out of a dangerous position before making a good pass. The boys were by no means dribbling machines in the end but they were confident enough to dribble with either foot at any defender.

This dribbling drill that I ran all the time had the desired outcome that I was hoping for – that they would be confident on the ball in all situations. The only reason why my players got to that level was simply that I made them do it repeatedly until it became second nature for them.  My boys learned how to dribble because they did it a lot. I will learn finances by exposing myself to it constantly and, in the same way, I will know God and His heart by spending time with Him repeatedly, every day for an extended period of time.

I was always very impressed with older men and their knowledge of God and just the amount of wisdom that they have to offer. Every time I spoke with one of them, the common theme among them wasn’t a heightened sense of spirituality.  Rather, it was just time spent with God, repeatedly on a regular basis that led them to know Him at a more intimate level than I do currently. Is the “secret” to knowing God and His heart to simply spend purposeful time with Him repeatedly on a consistent basis for an extended period of time? I find it to be both liberating and amusing that it could be just that simple.


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