Target, Take 4


This weekend, I had another great trip to Target!  I didn’t come out with any new gift cards, but I still snagged some stellar deals.

4 packages of Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Wheat Spaghetti
– $1.19 each
– used 2 of these $1 off of 2 coupon

2 trial-size tubes of Arm & Hammer toothpaste
– $0.97 each
– used $3/2 coupon in 8/16 insert

2 jars of Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
— $2.04 each
— used $1 Target coupon here
— used $1/2 Skippy coupon from the newspaper (not sure which insert, sorry!)

1 carton of Trop50 Orange Juice
— $2.74 each
— used $1 printable coupon here
— used $0.50 Target coupon here

2 packages of Ponds Cleansing Wipes
— $0.97 each
— used 2 $1.50 coupons printable here

Because of the great cashier who gave me the overage for the Arm & Hammer and Ponds coupons, I ended up paying $2.96.  For 4 boxes of whole wheat pasta, 2 jars of peanut butter, 2 packages of wipes, 2 trial tubes of toothpaste and 1 carton of orange juice — that’s a great deal!

I’m going to try to also keep a running total of the value of the products I’ve bought.  Adding it up, so far I’ve bought products valuing $70.80 and only used $2.18 off of my original gift card!


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