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Last week, TJ and I had lunch with some friends of ours at Trudy’s North Star. (Did you know that they have a lunch buffet there for only $8.45?!) On top of good food and great company, we had an interesting conversation about finances and how both our families have lived on a budget. I thought it was interesting that in both cases, neither one of us have ever had an argument about finances (two years and counting for us, and if my math is correct 17 years (???) for our friends). We all agreed that a budget was indeed freedom rather than a restriction and to look back at all the years we’ve been married and to have never argued over such an important issue is indeed remarkable.

In about 10 days, TJ and I will be traveling to Michigan for a conference for New Staff members of Crusade. Our roles will be to serve as financial coaches, and to help them be better stewards of God’s resources. Some of the people we will work with will be newly weds, and I think we could do their marriage a great service if we can communicate the wisdom behind a budget. I mean, wouldn’t you get on a budget if you knew that it would be one less thing you’d argue about with your spouse?

But of course, two couples on a budget isn’t a convincing argument and the budget may not be the factor as to why we’ve never had an argument. So I would like to take a poll on married couples and their arguments on finances. If a budget is indeed keeping us from arguing, then I think this will be worth pointing out. If you’re married please take a second to take the poll. =)

*Clarification point: By budget I mean that you have every incoming dollar accounted for in a written plan. That means every dollar has a designated category for which it is to be spent or saved and that the plan is written down somewhere on paper.


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