Heaven = London?


This is one of my absolute favorite moments of the week.  Last night, our ministry team put on a training time designed to help student leaders study Scripture for themselves and learn how to interpret and apply it with sound methods.  Joe Smith (yup, that’s his real name) did a great job in communicating a method he has found effective for the last eight years, and also sharing the vision for studying the Bible, how it helps us know Jesus.

Toward the end of the night, he started to talk about Heaven and his old misconceptions about it.  What followed was hilarious.

Joe: “I used to think that Heaven was this hazy, foggy place that was kind of cool…”

Student (interrupting): “London?”

Wow, I laughed so hard!  While Jason and I are pretty avid sun-o-phobes (I’m sure there’s an actual name for that, I’ll look it up in a minute) and constant drear and fog actually sound fun to us, I still don’t think we’d call London “heaven”.

I had to share this because I thought it was so funny and clever.  Even after my “adult” side kicked in and I stopped laughing during what was supposed to be a serious talk, I was secretly really proud that the student was in my co-ed Bible study.

Oh, and the scientific name for our sun-aversion is heliophobia.  Good to know.


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