My Guilt Free Purchase

For the past year I’ve been eying those little automated cleaning robots, the Roombas. I have a couple of friends who have one and have spoken very highly of how efficiently they work to keep their floors clean. I had been hesitant to get one because of the price, but that was until last week. I walked into Costco after soccer practice, went straight for the cleaning aisle and dropped it right into my cart and checked out without a moment’s hesitation. TJ and I are still trying to name it, as it’s kind of like a pet to us now except it cleans up after us rather than the other way around.

What stood out to me about that transaction was that I walked out of Costco without a sense of guilt. Yes, I spent 12 months looking at different models, pricings, weighing the pros and the cons of whether to get one or not. Three months into this process, I decided that I would like one but only for the right model for the right price. I found the model that I wanted, and decided I wanted to pay only around $250 for one (regular retail was $450). So we socked away small amounts into our savings towards our Home Upkeep envelope every month, in hopes that one day we’d be able to find this little guy at a hugely discounted price.

What made this purchase so guilt free had everything to do with how I paid for it. It wasn’t on a whim and it certainly wasn’t on a credit card for me to pay back over time. We had methodically saved for 9 months and stood firm on our price. I used to have buyer’s remorse over many purchases that I would make, whether it was $10 for sushi or $100 for a pair of running shoes. Ever since TJ and I have been on a budget, every purchase we’ve made had been planned and saved for ahead of time. In the end, I walk away from the store without any guilt, the item paid for in full and usually with a great deal because I waited.

Now I just need to name this awesome little cleaning robot…


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