You might have noticed that our site is undergoing some changes (albeit very minor). A couple new features we’ve added was the search function and our “Greatest Hits” (most read posts). Hopefully this will help everybody find what they’re looking for or direct you to one of our better write ups. We’ve also jumped on Twitter (jasonandtjpoon) to provide more live random family updates as well as ministry related updates. Some will be serious while others will just be the fun of it but all of it organically grass root… Sorry, that was overkill. I’m trying to keep up with the times by embracing Twitter and learning the proper usage of all kinds of hip words like “organic”, “grass roots”, “multigrain”, “0 Trans Fat”, “tweet” and so on and so forth. For example, this blog is cooked and written with 0 Trans Fat!


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Remote worker. Stats and analysis nerd. Soccer lover. View all posts by Jason

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