San Antonio 1/2 Marathon

This past weekend, Mr. Poon and I ran 13.1 miles in the SA Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon. I signed up a while back, but Jason just planned to jump in somewhere along the course for moral support. However, the night before we were supposed to run, I received a text from a friend saying that someone in her group had registered but was unable to run. So Mr. Poon decided to join me for the whole race!

Keep in mind, the punk didn’t even train!  Sure, he ran a few miles on the treadmill a couple of times a week.  Once, he even did a long run with me.  Once. Good grief, I married a complete stud!

We had such a good time.  It was really fun to run together, even during the parts where we felt like we were going to die.  There were too many of those.  But we were able to encourage one another and eventually finish together.  I even threw my arm around him and gave a cheesy smile and a big thumbs up to the camera as we crossed the finish line.

Thanks for being such a good running-mate, Mr. Poon.  I’m blessed to be able to run this race with you!


2 responses to “San Antonio 1/2 Marathon

  • Lynn

    aw… this is sweet! Congrats for finishing the race together!!

  • Jenny Holberg

    my sister-in-law also ran this exact race and same thing happened! she trained for it and her husband (mike’s bro) did NOT – and he could still run it! i’m so jealous of these men! these days i walk around the block and i’m exhuasted. what happened? right up to finding out about my pregnancy, i was still jogging. i’m sad i won’t be one of those pregnant women who can run all the way till they give birth – sigh. 🙂
    anyhow, congrats to you both and i’m so glad it was a fun bonding experience for y’all!!
    love you!

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