The Home Depot Disciple

For the past month our Staff team has been emphasizing discipleship to our students and that not only do they need to be discipled but they need to be discipling others as well. I got to have an interesting encounter a few days ago confirming that this is indeed where we need to be heading. Last Friday Andrew, a student that I’ve been meeting with, and I went over to Home Depot to pick up some supplies and also have a non-traditional/traditional discipleship appointment depending on how you look at it. As we were picking out some insect repellent, one of the Home Depot employees approached us and offered us his services. After having some small talk about deet and pointing us to where we can find some stakes, this gentleman quickly notices Andrew’s ring and immediately asks about it. Andrew explains to him that it’s a cross and that he’s a Christian, and without skipping a beat our little helper introduces himself as Ron and tells Andrew confidently that his job is to make disciples.

As we spent the next few minutes chatting with Ron, it was evident that this man had the same mindset that we’ve been teaching our students. Ron had previously worked at IBM for the past 25 years and rather than “retiring” after the plant had shut down like many people his age would’ve done, Ron found himself working in the Gardening section of Home Depot. He reminded us that our full-time jobs were meant to fund our ministry and that we were called to make disciples. He told us that Adam’s first gig was to tend the Garden of Eden and felt that after his time at IBM, that he was being called to tend the Garden of Austin, so that’s how he ended up at Home Depot’s gardening section.

I walked away from that encounter feeling very encouraged by Ron’s words. His unabashed approach to talk about disciple making with us really revealed where his heart was and what was most important to him. But it was so enjoyable to have a divine appointment like that, where we would encounter someone to remind us of our calling to make disciples.


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