Balancing Act

I’ve always admired the abilities of those who could juggle anything from tennis balls to managing a family with a full time job. I see in them the ability to properly apply a specific amount of attention to one area, while keeping other areas within their peripheral. Everything on their plate not only gets done but also seemingly in a very timely fashion with very well executed precision. I have often wished I had that natural ability to focus on multiple things at once, but in classic fashion of a typical man, my God given abilities are limited to executing one thing at a time and hardly anything else on top of it. I do love the fact that I can hone in on one task and see it all the way to completion to the fullest of my abilities, but I do often wonder if there was some way I could increase my capacity.

So, true to God’s character, He places several growth opportunities before me in ministry this semester that ultimately challenge and stretch my balancing act. The results from the semester are positive in that I’ve learned how to juggle very different responsibilities in my life. The negative that’s come from the increased work load has that I’ve also been in a reactionary mode and many of my priorities have been neglected.

I think it’s ironic that coming from a person who enjoys coming up with a plan for almost everything in life, from what I will wear for the week to discipleship, that I had no plan for myself this semester other than getting as much done as possible. Meet with my disciples? Check. Share my faith? Check. Plan out Anthology? Check. Soccer practice? Check. While I believe firmly that the ministry of God at UT has greatly been impacted and many things have been accomplished, it has come at the expense of my family priorities.

This is not to say that we’re against ministry and furthering God’s Kingdom, but our priority was never to make campus ministry our entire lives. It is by all means a full time job and we wish to allocate the appropriate amount of time to it, but it was never our intention for it to encompass nearly everything that we do as it has been this semester. There are other areas that we wish to serve and to live out but because of our reactionary ways this semester, I feel that I have not lived out other areas of life that God has placed in my heart.

I hope to spend some time during the holiday break to evaluate where we stand and how we can do a better job as a family to live out our priorities. I want to make better decisions with our time and commitments so that our family would be serving God intentionally, rather than reactionary. I am grateful for the growth in my capacity and hope it will continue to increase, but now I need to learn how to maximize it without the residual burn out.


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