Merry Christmas

To be honest, I don’t know what to do with Christmas.  Growing up, I always loved Christmas and the whole season.  I still do, really, but a couple of years ago I realized that everything I loved had nothing to do with Jesus.  So many of the familiar elements and traditions had almost zero relevance to the birth of Messiah, and even distracted me from the singular glory of the holiday: a holy, perfect God came to tabernacle among us, and took upon Himself the lowly form of a human infant.

Obviously, this was a disturbing realization.  So, perhaps rashly, I discarded the whole holiday (at least in my mind) but I found that was rather hard to do.  Like a stray cat I tried to boot off my porch, it just kept coming back.  Long story short – I’m rethinking the whole thing.  I’m nowhere near a conclusion.  It’s something that Jason and I are continually discussing and processing.

I may share more concrete thoughts as I formulate them but in the meantime, Merry Christmas!  It certainly doesn’t feel like it where we are right now – 70 degrees and sunny skies.  The restaurant we visited as a family tonight also had an interesting take on the holiday: sparkly top hats for the men and tiara-like things for the women, plus noise-makers at each table.  Umm… I thought those were New Year’s Eve traditions?  Oh well, it was still a great Christmas dinner with Mom and Dad Poon!


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