You had me at…

There are many things about my wife that I absolutely love and adore.  One of the most amazing things about being around TJ is that at any moment she will say something utterly and completely profound and I mean some of these are book worthy profound.  And by book worthy, I mean something of significant proportions such as “Mere Christianity” and not some money marketing scheme like “Every Man/Woman/Church/Awkward Teen/Professor/Doctor/Janitor/Fisherman’s Battle” nonsense.  I won’t be sharing those golden gems in case she does finally put those thoughts to pen and produces a best seller, but here’s a short list of some fun things she’s said since I’ve known her that made me think how lucky I am that I have such a wonderful woman for my bride. (*Disclaimer: these are not the only reasons why I love TJ.)

“I can’t watch this.” In response to watching a UT basketball game in standard definition as opposed to HD.

“Valentine’s Day will be a man day.” In our relationship, I never have to do anything on Feb 14th but rather it is a day for her to show her love for me.

“This looks like a high school game.” In response to watching a USA v El Salvador soccer match as opposed to our weekly viewing of Manchester United.

Suck it France!!!” In response to Jason Lezak’s incredible performance to close down the leading Frenchman and take gold for USA in the 2008 Olympics 4×100 relay.

“This is overcooked.” In response to a steak being pink in the middle.

“Nut up!” In response to whenever I am being less than a man.

“Left the TV on the CW to see what was on… then I realized I’m not 15.”

“Protect our children!” In response to me protecting myself while being in the wall during a soccer match.

“You never turn the TV off on Vince Young!” In response to her mother changing the channel during the Texas-USC clash for the national championship.

He’s amazing.No TJ. You’re amazing. I love you!


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