South Congress Cafe

Let’s take a break from all this baby-ing to talk about another of my joys: South Congress Cafe.

Oh, how I love it!

I went there on Friday for my favorite meal ever: brunch!  I LOVE breakfast/brunch.  Besides being the most important meal of the day, I’ve always maintained that it’s the most intimate.  Generally, breakfast is eaten with those who are the closest to you.  Those who see you without make-up and in your bed-head and PJ’s.

I mean, generally.  Let’s not go crazy –  I definitely applied the usual cuteness on this outing to SoCo Cafe.

Nothing crappy has happened to ruin your day.  (Unless, of course, you hit traffic on Cesar Chavez and can’t find anywhere to park at the beloved breakfast spot, which is why I recommend 10am on a weekday.)  You eat this meal with a fresh heart and mind and a revived sense of well-being after sleeping for 10 hours.

Wait, you mean you don’t sleep for 10hrs a night?  I do, but I guess it’s just because of… that thing we’re not talking about today.

Back to South Congress.  Can I tell you something ridiculous?  One of my favorite things is the color-coded coffee cups.  What can I say?  I am very easily amused.  They have several different types of glorious coffee and they never have to ask you which kind you are drinking because they give you a different colored cup depending on what you order.  What a marvel!  What fun!  What GENIUS!

Friday, decaf was served in delightful lime green.

I ate the Spinach Portabella Artichoke omelet.  It was… delicious.  I was even uber-high-maintenance and asked for  my omelet to be made with 1 whole egg and the rest egg-whites.  I didn’t get a snotty look or even a raised eyebrow.  Pretty unusual for Austin, the city where the servers act like they’re doing you a favor for bringing your food within 2 hrs of you ordering.

I love that fresh fruit comes with most (maybe all) of the brunch dishes.  I appreciate that there is a decent amount of non-melon fruit thrown in there, since I abhor melon and most places serve mostly melon because it’s so cheap.

One of their signature dishes, the Carrot Cake French Toast, can be ordered one delectable slice at a time, since the full serving is almost impossible to finish.  Or, you can save yourself money and simply rave about it to your friend thus ensuring that he/she will order it and you can pick off the leftovers in the inevitable event that they don’t finish.

See, it’s a great place.


One response to “South Congress Cafe

  • JT

    I always finish the carrot cake french toast. Even with a side of sausage. (Have you ever had any of their specialty sausage? Amazing.)

    Guess I will never get an invitation now. Sigh.

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