A New Journey – pt. 3 “I heart leftovers”

February 3rd

I love everything about them.  I love their familiarity.  I love that I don’t have to worry about messing up the recipe, because I already nailed it and it tastes great!  I love the way the tupperware containers comfort me after a long day.  They say, “Don’t worry about making anything tonight, sweetie.  You just sit down and let hubs and the microwave do all the work.”  Yes.  I heart them.

Usually, that is.  I love leftovers usually.

Pregnant me apparently hates them.  As in, they have become my mortal enemy.

Every time I open the refrigerator to see what’s leftover of  last night’s meal (that I loved and devoured like a pack of ravenous wolves), I want to gag.  Not exaggerating one bit.  I almost hurl.

And… I have not hurled once, I’ll have you know.  (My mom didn’t have morning sickness.  I did think to ask her that at some point.)  Praise God, because my body does not vomit well.  I get strawberries on my EYEBALLS and face that last for days.  So, needless to say, if I suffered from severe morning sickness, I’d never leave the house.

But,  non-vomiting genetics or not, I’m tempted every time I see those darned leftovers.  Just since I’ve been pregnant, once I have something once, I literally almost lose it when I think about eating it again.

Such a bummer.

I’ve been eating out more than usual.  Taco Bell, for heaven’s sake!  I had Jason bring it home last night, it just sounded so good to me.  This from a person who eats fast food once a month, if that.  I’ve also eaten Easy Mac a couple of times.  I love Easy Mac even when not crazy pregnant but, of course, I’d rather not pump my body full of processed foods right now.  I really want to eat healthy.  I do.

It’s just that I want to keep my food down more.  Maybe it’s just me, but I feel it’s slightly more helpful in my stomach than in my toilet.

Ok, I’ve let enough out peek of my bag of crazy for one day.  Check back for progress in my standoff with leftovers.


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