Swimsuit Giveaway

This is a first for the Poon blog – I’m going to tell you about a giveaway that a fellow blogger is hosting.

Soooo many blogs host giveaways, and they often give extra chances to win when you blog about their giveaway.  I’ve never linked to one of these before because I want to win free stuff, but not enough to post about something that I haven’t tried myself or that I don’t think will benefit your life.

Today I get to make an exception!

Heather is hosting a Lime Ricki swimsuit giveaway!  I doubt you’ve heard of Lime Ricki, as I’d never heard of it until I read her blog last year.  They are a swimwear company that seeks to make modest swimsuits for the ladies (and for the “girls”… hehe.)

In addition, you can also visit Heather’s blog for a discount code, if you don’t win the giveaway.

Last year, I bought one of these swimsuits.  I was a little suspicious, but I’ve been reading Heather’s blog for a long time, and tons of people posted about how much they love these suits!

After trying it out, I must say that I loved it as well!  I took it on summer project in Hawaii and, I have to tell you the craziest thing – I ran in my swimsuit.  Yep, one day Jason and I decided to race which, let’s be honest, was not a race at all.  Anywho, the point is, the suit didn’t move a bit.  Even running, it kept the girls where they should be – covered!

Heather reports that she can get up, chase her four kids around the pool, bend over, etc. all without fear or constantly readjusting her suit.  I’m thinking that if she can do all that, you can do whatever you need to do worry-free.

You can even try it on at home and, if you need to exchange it, the shipping is free.  I ordered mine about 10 days before leaving for briefing last year, and it got to me in time.

If you have struggled with finding a modest swimsuit, or one that will allow you to be at the pool without worrying about any put those away moments, enter Heather’s giveaway and check out Lime Ricki.


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