Random Preggo Moments

March 7th

I’m totally flabbergasted when Judy Douglass, wife of Steve Douglass aka President of Campus Crusade for Christ, approaches me at a Synergy conference.  First of all, I had no idea she knew who I was.  (I’m sure she didn’t until that conference.)  She first tells me that she’s heard about the loss of my mom and how sorry she is.  Then, she says that she’s also heard that I’m expecting!  (Now, note the date: this is well before the release-date when this news became public knowledge.)

I chuckle and say, “Whoa Judy, you’re part of the inner circle now – that’s not public knowledge yet!”  I’m not worried that she’s gonna spill the beans.  After all, I don’t exactly travel in the same circle as CCC’s president  🙂  I am, however, slightly baffled that someone else has spilled the beans to her.

I’m looking at you, Karen Virtue!!


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