Birthday Surprise

Friday was Mr. Poon’s birthday.  For a few weeks, I’d been trying to decide what to get him and I finally resigned myself to the fact that his 28th birthday was just going to have to be lame.  I couldn’t, for the life of me, think of anything cool to get him.

Then, as I was driving somewhere, it hit me all of a sudden: I would buy a bunch of awesome organizational stuff and tidy the shelves in his office!  If you know Mr. P, you know that he’s pretty particular about the way things look.  He’s also pretty particular about our office which is really his.  It’s so much his office that I’ve started referring to it as “his room”.

When he asks me where something is I say stuff like, “I put it in your room.”

Even his clothes are in there, but that was an act of love to me.  He uses a tiny, cramped closet so that I can have the ginormous master closet all to my lonesome.

Be still my heart. Is that love or what?

Back to the point.  The shelves in his office previously looked something like this:

I’m kicking myself for not taking a real “Before” picture, but this is pretty close.  Since we share the space (kinda), I had my magazines in disarray and some other random things all in chaotic order.  (Yes, that makes total sense.  Don’t argue with me.)

I decided to fix this disaster and also upgrade the wonky lamp he’d been using since he was a junior in college.  I went to IKEA to accomplish this within my budget and was marvelously pleased with what I was able to get at a great price!

Sidenote:  That IKEA trip allowed me to showcase my deceptive powers.  In general, I’m a terrible liar, at least when it comes to Mr. P.  (I guess that’s not really a bad thing.)  But this time, I told him that my friend had bought the stuff as a surprise for her husband, so his gifts sat in bags untouched and undisturbed on our kitchen floor until it was time for the big reveal.

Hehe.  Sucker.

This is the final result:

Woo-wee, isn’t that sexy?  I have to admit, I like spending time in there a lot more now.  Not sure that was the effect Mr. P was hoping for, but sometimes I just go in to admire my work and enjoy the sense of order and calm I get from looking at it.

He said it was one of the best presents I’ve ever given him!  That’s saying something, because I’ve been known to give an awesome gift or two in my time.

Not too shabby for a “lame” birthday, eh?

*FYI – Part 5 is coming later today.


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