My Mom – Not a Cook

Mr. Poon and I were sitting in front of the TV one night while Wheel of Fortune was on and I said, “This makes me think of pizza.”  At first he didn’t understand what I said and then, when he did,  he replied “oh yeah.”  As if what I said had made any sense at all.

What?  You don’t want to know why I think of pizza?

He thought it was because of the shape of the wheel.

Ha!  Silly,visual man.

Actually, it’s because I would often eat a frozen cheese pizza while my mom and I would watch “The Wheel,” as she called it.

You see… when my sister and I were younger, my mom didn’t really cook.  Dad was the cook in the family but he was also a truck driver, so he was never home.  My mom only cooked on rare occasion.  So, I had these really humorous “phases” of food that I went through, since it had to be cheap and convenient and something my mom was actually willing to do.

The first phase I can remember, before I could do anything in the kitchen for myself, was Swanson frozen chicken dinners.  It had 2 pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and a brownie.  The brownie was amazing.  If I had it now, I’d probably be repulsed but I loooooved it then.  Wanna hear something gross?  No?  Too bad.  The corn was so buttery that, after I ate it, I would dip the brownie in the leftover butter.

Frozen-dinner-super-buttery-brownie goodness… I mean nastiness.

Another phase was Hy-Top (the generic brand in our local tiny grocery store) frozen pizza.  This came to be associated with The Wheel.  I think this phase lasted a long time.

At some point, I also had plain shell noodles with butter.

There was also ramen noodles, which turned out to be a lot of High School before I finally got motivated to teach myself how to do stuff that was slightly more complicated than simply boiling water.

Later on in our lives when it was just her at home, my mom started cooking more.  There were a couple of reasons she didn’t like doing it earlier on, one being that my dad was a pretty harsh critic.  I think she resented his negative comments and stopped cooking altogether.

The result was not a balanced diet for me growing up, but humorous memories looking back  🙂

FYI – I’ll probably be posting more about my mom in the next few weeks and months.  I think about her often and it’ll be fun to share some of those thoughts here with you.


3 responses to “My Mom – Not a Cook

  • truman

    Looking forward to getting to know your mom. Thanks for sharing, TJ!

  • Deanne

    I remember her Yummies; man, those things were delightful. She even gave me the recipe once. Perhaps I will make some this weekend and eat the whole pan in remembrance of her…altruistically of course! 🙂

    • TJ Poon

      That sounds great, Deanne! Let me know if you ended up doing that. Oh, and you might forward that recipe to me, if you don’t mind. I could probably dig around in Rockdale for it, but a nice electronic copy would be dandy!!

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