Random Preggo Moments

Subtitle: ACK!  Where’s my brain?

April 3rd

I forgot how to make my bed this morning.  Yep.  I did.

I got up, got out of the bed, did my bathroom thing and went to make it.  I started to pull up the sheet and comforter, so I moved the pillows out of the way then just stared at them, not comprehending what was supposed to be happening.  I was thinking, “How do I usually do this?”  It seemed wrong, so wrong, yet I couldn’t fix it.

Finally, I remembered that I usually keep the pillows under the comforter, and put the decorative ones on top.

EeshThis is getting serious, kids.

Then, I went out to lunch with friends, and immediately started chowing down on the complimentary bread, totally without concern.  What’s strange about that?  Oh nothing, except that is was PASSOVER and I had be conscientiously avoiding yeast for the previous six days or so.  I didn’t even blink until my friends and I had polished off a loaf and a half.  Then, I suddenly gasped as the realization hit me!

Ehh… surely the one who knows every hair on my head understands that preggo brain gets me a little loopy sometimes.  So, I think we’re still cool.


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