Random Preggo Moments

April 9th

This is a story about my niece, who is 2 years old.  It won’t be  nearly as cute or endearing if you think she’s a teenager.   The following event takes place in a grocery store:

Niece: (looking at baby food) I want that.

Mom (aka Corrie, my sister): No you don’t.  That’s for babies.  That’s for the baby in Aunt Taji’s belly.

(“Aunt Taji” is me.  TJ was a bit hard for her to say at first, so it came out Taji.  Now she can say TJ, but Taji’s my cute aunt nickname.)

Mom: Did you know that Aunt Taji has a baby in her belly?

Niece: Yeah.  That’s my cousin.

What a smart little girl!  (She’s only heard the concept of a cousin once or twice.)  Plus, have I mentioned that she’s adorable?


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