Random Preggo Moments

April 10th

I felt the Poonlet move for the first time.  Well, it was the first time I could say with 90% certainty that it was the baby, and not some weird digestive thing or pregnancy issue.

What got Herm all riled up?  The Jackopierce concert that Mr. P and I went to for his birthday.  Mr. P loves Jackopierce, but I had really only heard them through him.  Herm wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the concert… I found myself to be a fan by the end of the night.

Plus, we saw them at the Cactus Cafe, which was a first (and possibly a last) for me.  It was great to finally experience a concert there, after hearing so much about the venue and seeing the outrage of students and alumni that the University would think of shutting it down.

Then, this past Wednesday, the Poonlet really gave me a startle.  Our ESM team goes to the Campus House of Prayer every Wednesday morning to pray with other campus ministers.  As I was praying with my eyes closed, the movement was so pronounced and intense that I lurched forward, opened my eyes and very nearly cried out just a little.

People keep asking me what it is like.  I have no idea.  I can’t describe it.  I’ve heard “flutter”… “bubbles”… even that it feels like gas,  but it’s so hard to know what those words mean to other people so I can’t confirm or deny those descriptions.  All I know is that it is unlike anything else I’ve ever felt, and it’s so fun to finally feel the little life inside of me.

Plus, I now know two things: Herm likes Jackopierce and prayer.  I’d say I’m a lucky mama already  🙂


One response to “Random Preggo Moments

  • Jan W

    I think one of the best ways for me describe what it feels like is this: take a balloon and lightly press it against someone’s arm. Then tell them that’s what it feels like from the inside. Random, I know, but it was with the first pregnancy and now is currently distinctly different to me than gas bubbles or flutters.

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