(His) Party

May 1st, 2010 was going to be one of those great and glorious days. You could just tell by the calendar events: Soccer game from noon to 2pm, then the annual crawfish boil at our dear friends Dennis & Carita’s. There was a slight chance of rain, which in Texas really means that the weather was going to be cool – perfect for both of my outdoor events. As it turns out, the day that I thought was going to be great and glorious for superficial reasons, became a memorable and heart-felt day during which I gained a unique perspective about myself: I’m worth celebrating.

I arrived at the crawfish boil only to find that it wasn’t the usual party held every year. “This is an odd choice of music.” I thought to myself as I walked through the back gate with “Pomp and Circumstance” blaring through the speakers. I noticed right away a hanging sign with the words “Congrats Grad” and I was starting to wonder if there was a graduating senior attending this or if this was some surprise party and I somehow was left off the email list. I was somewhat right on my guesses. The surprise party was for me and I was the graduate that was being celebrated.

TJ had pieced together an incredible surprise party for me so that I could have something that I never really experienced (the tangible affirmation of my close friends and family) and to enjoy the things I love so much (good company and food). I can’t honestly remember a time when I was actually celebrated for who I am, much less the things that I’ve done. Me graduating from high school and college isn’t really worth causing a stir in my book, so both those moments went by without me even thinking about them. It was just another day and nothing more. My birthdays went about with about the same fanfare and outside of that, when do you really get to celebrate someone for who they really are?

Needless to say, I was extremely touched by what TJ had done for me. I was humbled and floored by the fact that anyone would even care to be there. This kind of thing I expect from TJ since she vowed to love me, and it’s just her marital duty to do these kinds of things. 😉 But why everyone else came out was beyond me. I have done nothing to deserve TJ’s love but I am ever thankful and grateful that I do have it. Here’s to the greatest and most beautiful love of my life.


(And for those that are interested our soccer team, the Dragons, won 2-1 to keep us in contention for first place.)


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4 responses to “(His) Party

  • sandyovalle

    You do have a wonderful wife Mr. Poon!

  • Carita

    We are so glad to have been able to be a part of this great celebration. I just want you both to know that you are both worth celebrating, and it was our privilege to get to celebrate this occasion with you guys. 🙂

    I’m so glad the surprise wasn’t ruined. After planning for almost 9 months, we were nervous that someone would spill the beans. So glad TJ got you!!

  • dennis

    your soccer team also ate those crawfish like champs…which was surprising considering how many of them had never had it before. and, sometimes with friends of a more caucasian persuasion, there are some that get grossed out by decapitating critters and sucking out the juices from severed heads. but not the dragons, so congrats, team.

  • truman

    glad you had a great time, Jason. Carita was telling me about this when she was here a few weeks ago, and I remember thinking…what a great surprise and what a great way to celebrate. Wish I could’ve been there to celebrate you…who am I kidding…I miss the crawfish!

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