It’s a…?

The day has arrived!  Amongst good friends and a small contingency of family (my sister), we cut the cake and found out that the Poonlet is a…


We are not terribly surprised, since there was about a 50% chance this would be the result.  Then again, we wouldn’t have been too surprised the other way, either.

It is really exciting to know that we’re having a girl and makes it even more real to us!  Now we can complete the challenge of a name and begin decorating the room!

Plus, we can buy really girly outfits so that everyone knows our baby is a girl and not a boy.  I, for one, don’t like it when babies are dressed ambiguously.  I have to pull out the awkward, “Oh what’s your baby’s name?” since I can’t ask for his or her name, fearing I’ll be wrong.  (Hey, there are a lot of Herm babies, especially when they’re first born!!)

P.S., the party was a blast.  We’ll talk more about that later, but we had to keep our promise on the release time!


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