Random Preggo Moments

April 15th

I spent 10 minutes trying to rig my pants before leaving the house for a bridal shower tonight.  Many of my bottoms are a wee tight, and there are a couple of tricks that pregnant women usually use to deal with this, but they weren’t working for me.

I didn’t go with the Be Band because the outline showed underneath my shirt.

Normally, I’d use a  rubber band and be done with it.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about and are interested, you can check out the rubber band method here.

However, today my pants didn’t have a normal button.  This pair has a clasp-thing that only chicks would understand.  I fiddled with how to use the rubber band  for many many minutes before finally feeling confident that I wouldn’t embarrass myself when I showed up to the shower.

I wanted to make my toes look more presentable before leaving too, but I had to spend all my time keepin’ my pants up.

Good grief.


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