Random Preggo Moments

April 20th

I’ve discovered that basically anything that can go wrong with your body, minor or horrifying, can be a side-effect of pregnancy.

There are the normal ones: swollen feet/ankles, nausea, cravings, bloating, constipation, incontinence, weird dreams, forgetfulness, breakouts, brown spots, faster growing hair, skin itch, clumsiness, hiccups, heartburn, insomnia, fatigue, gas, mood swings, etc.

Then, there are the ones that throw me for a loop.  Hemorrhoids?  Bummer.  (Pun totally intended.)  Your hair changing color?  Yep.  Feet getting bigger?  Naturally.  Changing eyesight?  Normal.  Nose swelling?  What the…?  That’s just crazy.  Bleeding gums?  Yes.  Skin tags?  I don’t know exactly what these are, but they seem scary.  And, apparently, totally normal.  Third breast or nipple?  I only wish I was making this up.

Praise the Almighty, I have experienced very few of the “regular” ones, and none of the stranger ones.  Please, please, please no skin tags or third nipples!!


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