Random Preggo Moments

This was written before we knew that we’re having a girl.  Feel free to substitute “she” and “her” for Herm  🙂

April 26th

Today, Herm was really moving around and it felt pretty strong, so I began to wonder if it could be felt from the outside.  I put my hand on my tummy and, lo and behold, I could actually feel it!  From the outside!

I told Hubs and he actually didn’t think it was lame when I told him he should try to feel it  🙂  He put his hand there and after the first twitch I asked, “Did you feel that?”  “Maybe…” he replied.  Then, Herm moved again and he felt it.  “Whoa, that’s… subtle.”

Well, yes, maybe to you.  They have passed the point of subtle for me and I’m feeling Herm everyday.  For now, it’s really fun but I’m hoping the little one keeps the jabs and kicks away from my bladder as he/she gets bigger.

Child, if you make me pee myself…


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