MPD Follow-Up

Today we wrapped up our work at a conference in Estes Park, CO.  Yes, the above pictures are views right outside our main meeting room and that is snow on the tops of the mountains.  In fact, there are still little piles of actual snow on the ground here.  As temperatures ranged from the 40’s to mid-60’s, it has been a welcome break from the Texas heat.

We have really enjoyed our time here.  It’s our second time to work this particular conference, and we have loved getting this opportunity.

The conference that we’re working is an MPD Follow-Up Conference for our New Staff.  At the new staff training for Campus Crusade staff members, they get extensive training on how to develop a team of ministry partners who will provide for their ministry through prayer and/or financial support.  About 4 or 5 months after this training, staff members get together again for a follow-up time to be refreshed in their vision and heart for the Lord, and to be re-motivated in their efforts to build their team of ministry partners.

Another huge aspect of this conference is training on stewardship, which is where the Poons come in.  We are on the financial stewardship team of Campus Crusade, and one of the coolest things we do is come to these conferences.  Here, new staff members get teaching on personal finances and sit down with a person (one of us!) who goes through their individual financial situations.

At this conference teaching and practical helps on giving, saving and spending abound!  Being a part of it is amazing, since this is an area of education that has been totally neglected in our culture.  Most schools teach nothing about personal finance, and very few parents teach their children the practical aspects of handling  money in a God-honoring way.

We have found that living according to Biblical principles and sound advice in the area of personal finances has provided us tremendous freedom and joy in our lives.  Being able to pass that on and see other people grasp these concepts is one of the most personally rewarding aspects of our work in the ministry.  As I was describing what we do to a friend in Austin, he said “Oh, pretty boring stuff.”  I sheepishly said, “We actually really like it!”  We’re both nerds in this regard, and love talking to others and helping them in this area of life.

We’ll leave you with the theme of the stewardship side of the conference: “Be smart about money.  Maximize your ministry and peace of mind.”


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